November & December 2015 Offers


Ecojoist is a light, strong and accessible floor joist system, supplied in kit form to speed up building schedules and simplify electrical, plumbing and other service installations. The beams consist of parallel, strength graded timber and V-shaped galvanised steel webs secured top and bottom by nailplate zones, making it possible to span from one external wall to the other, eliminating the need for internal load bearing walls.

  • 40% lighter than timber equivalent, easy to handle, and manufacture on site
  • Open web system provides almost uninterrupted access for the passage of services
  • 72mm wide flanges provide a large area for the fixing of floor deck and ceiling
  • Supplied in long lengths
  • Made to measure, reducing on site wastage
  • Depth compatible with solid joist sizes
  • Minimal shrinkage or swelling
  • Reduction or elimination of surface run pipework
  • Can be chord supported
  • Erected in about half the time required for conventional joists
Ecojoist Timber Floor Joist System

For more information or to receive a quotation, please contact Pat Vanderman on 023 8038 5388.